The Academic Joint Insurance Committee (JIC) gets its mandate from the Collective Agreement, Appendix IV. The committee is composed of four management representatives appointed by the colleges and four from OPSEU. The four Union members are elected at the CAAT-A Divisional meetings held every two years. The term is four years on a rotation basis (two members elected at each biannual Divisional meeting).

The JIC was negotiated into the Collective Agreement because the parties agreed that a joint committee was the best way to assist members who have benefits claims disputes that cannot be resolved through other processes. The JIC also provides oversight for the insurance plan and advocates for plan improvements in between rounds of collective bargaining.

The JIC facilitates communication between The Council and OPSEU on the subject of group insurance for CAAT-A employees, including Basic Life Insurance, Supplementary Life Insurance, Dependent Life Insurance, Extended Health Insurance, Long-Term Disability Insurance (LTD), the Dental Plan, and any other negotiated benefits that may be included in the group insurance plan (Appendix IV).

One of the important functions of this committee is to review the unresolved claims of members. If you feel that your claim for medical reimbursement, LTD, or some other benefit has been unjustly refused, please contact us at the Union office. We can help you submit your benefit claims dispute to the JIC.

The current JIC Union representatives are located here.

Your Local 556 officers can answer your questions about various aspects of our insurance plan and advise you on matters, such as applying for LTD or appealing denials of your claims for medical, dental, or other benefits. If you have any questions or concerns, we encourage you to contact us at the Local 556 Union office.