At certain points during their illness, members may feel capable of continuing to work or returning to work if the college makes some short-term or long-term adjustments to their work conditions. The college is obligated to provide reasonable accommodation to the temporarily or partially disabled employee.

You should begin the process by first discussing your circumstances with your medical practitioner. Return to Work accommodations are arranged and monitored through the Return to Work Committee and require medical documentation. This process is strictly confidential.

Sometimes, employees choose to combine sick-leave and pay in a pro-rated fashion that reflects their partial return to work. This combination of sick-leave days and pay means that your salary will remain at 100%. This is often a good way to ease one’s way back into the workforce after an extended sick leave.

We encourage you to contact your representative on the Return to Work Committee (Paul Petrie) to learn more about your sick-leave options and how accommodation is negotiated with the college.